Car Lockout Service

What do you do if you get locked out?

Locking yourself out of the car is an easy thing to do. The important thing is to not panic, but rather to take a moment to consider the available options at hand. Maybe you left the passenger side door unlocked. Do you have a spare key or FOB?  If none of these options are available, then the next thing to do would be to call a professional to assist. Attempting to open the door with makeshift tools is an easy way to cause extensive damage which could turn a stressful situation into an expensive one.

Our mobile locksmith technicians are only a phone call away from coming to your immediate location to assist in opening your locked car door.  If in the case you’ve also lost your car key, we can also laser cut new keys and program the transponder chip to work with your vehicle’s ignition.

Has your car key broken off inside of the door or ignition lock? We can also extract broken keys from locks, repair broken locks,  and replace broken keys as well as FOBs.

Emergency locksmith service is available day and night in Phoenix and throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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